Welcome to the former TKNTV.COM TKNTV.com is not curently an active project, we had a great run, and would like to thank everyone who visited our site to watch our shenanigans, our advertisers who helped keep us online, and all of the conventions who took us seriously and let us play journalist. As the Webmaster and "Executive Producer" this project has allowed me to learn skills that have continued to serve me well as I attempt to "adult" in the "Real World". Although we made our share of errors...countless errors...I will never be ashamed about whet we did. We acheived our goal, given that we never had a goal, that was the easy part. Over the years the "TKN Crew" and our associates has been a dynamic and merry group of misfits, below you will find links to what some of them are upto now. As for me your humble webmaster, I am still in the Navy, and still doing odd computer jobs on the side. I also started a new blog JustAnotherGeekBlog.com. The rest of the crew is well and went off to do bigger and better things. Anyways I've rambled on long enough, I guess I'll leave you with this "....See You Space Cowboy"